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We help B2B companies deliver exceptional revenue growth by uniting their marketing, sales, and service teams around a strategic, technology-driven customer experience built on the HubSpot platform.

We believe a customer experience built on strategy, deep customer understanding, and the best technology will be the strategic piece that differentiates leading B2B companies from the rest in the 2020s business environment.

Predictable Revenue

The Quest for Predictable Revenue

You have ambitious revenue targets to meet. Are you certain that those targets will be met? Can you reliably forecast and track the leads and deals that will contribute to them? Are your marketing, sales, and customer support staff working in unison to deliver them?

Aligning your team around a technology-driven customer experience will make them more productive, their efforts predictable, and the results visible. You will be able to confidently forecast revenue growth and see those targets delivered.


Our Journey Together

Each company comes to us with a unique combination of goals, work that has already been completed, and strategic objectives. Some want our support from start to finish - from business strategy and marketing planning to tech implementation and ongoing support. Others have a focused need and immediate concern like a HubSpot migration and rollout. 

We work with your team to understand where your company is currently thriving and where things feel stuck so that we can craft a bespoke plan for you. This may include one of our product areas or a combination.

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Why Choose Strategic Piece?

Business Experience

For starters, we’re businesspeople who have rolled up our sleeves, run teams and a P&L, and know that strategy eats culture for breakfast (h/t Peter Drucker). We also believe it’s time B2B companies realized that customer-centric strategies are essential and not just for the B2C crowd. That’s why our CX projects start from a place of strategy and customer understanding, rather than a sales, CRM, or marketing technology idea that grew arms and legs.

HubSpot Implementation

We specialize in leveraging the HubSpot platform to drive top and bottom-line growth at B2B companies, with a focus on the energy and industrial sectors. We used to be tech agnostic but then we realized there’s only one game in town that’s worth playing. As a HubSpot Partner, we plug directly into the heart of their development and support teams to ensure you get full value from their latest features and applications.

Strategy, HubSpot, Agency
We operate a hybrid business model. We combine elements of a strategy consultancy, a technology partner (HubSpot), and a marketing agency. We also operate a distributed business model. So, if and when you need extra support from designers, developers, copywriters, or another specialized skillset, we can loop in one of our go-to resources. This means you don't have to always pay overhead for these skills when you don't need them.

Why HubSpot?
HubSpot Partner

Aligning your marketing, sales, and service teams used to mean cobbling together a series of tools and databases. Sometimes they got along, but all too often they didn’t.

Nowadays, there are a couple of platforms that bring all three domains under one roof.

For large corporations with money burning a hole in their pocket (and a team of in-house developers to customize stuff), there’s Salesforce. Built as a CRM first with other pieces added later, it’s an expensive and complex beast that can be trained to do wonders but frequently leaves teams dissatisfied and adoption rates low.

For everyone else, there’s HubSpot, with a scalable, constantly expanding suite of marketing, sales, and support modules built on a truly competitive CRM system. It’s easy to use and works out of the box, with reports and dashboards that take only a modest amount of effort to customize.

Most importantly, from our point of view - the people who use HubSpot love HubSpot. We’d love to help you join them.


Investors & Owners

Are you looking for ways to reliably boost revenue growth at your business or portfolio company? Do you have visibility into where that future revenue will come from? Are you confident the marketing, sales, and support teams are working together effectively? If not, how big might that revenue opportunity be?

Let us conduct a focused assessment and provide recommendations for improving the revenue architecture of your business.

Whether it’s a venture in search of growth, an established company that’s struggling, an acquisition you’re hoping to turn around, or an investment opportunity you’re evaluating, we’ll help you identify and quantify areas for improvement.

If you decide it’s sufficiently enticing, we’ll design and deliver a project that equips the business with the CX technology and processes it needs to be more successful.

“Strategic Piece has provided Molecule with a whole set of capabilities we wouldn’t otherwise have and has integrated so well with our team and our brand that the content looks and sounds like Molecule. The (frequent) praise we get for our collateral is due in no small part to their work.”
Sameer Soleja - Square

Sameer Soleja
Founder & CEO, Molecule

"Our engagement with Strategic Piece came from a professional referral to guide our HubSpot rollout. We were facing a complex integration to link another CRM used for deal registration and accounting which required an intermediary connector. To say they were instrumental would be deeply understated. We are grateful to have Strategic Piece as an asset and proud to recommend their services."
Salana Yarger

Salana Yarger
Director of Marketing, CloudNine

"Since engaging with Strategic Piece, the whole process has opened our eyes to true value of marketing in this digital world. It helped us to take stock of where we have been and where we want to go and has enabled Rockfield to plan our marketing strategy from the ground up. Identifying key prospective targets that we wish to work with and creating a regular news feed for our existing clients to continuously generate interest and discussion around our products and services."
John Cain

John Cain
CEO, Rockfield

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