Communication Doesn't Always Equal Connection

by Melanie, on 25 Aug 2020

We’ve read and heard a lot recently about how people don’t want to be marketed to or sold to, especially not now. But, they are open and want educational material. They want communication with experts. So, marketers are saying - go add value. But, that seems to make everything noisier. “I define connection" Brene brown quote

In the intense disruption that we’ve all faced this year, with people scrambling to change how they work, and now the onset of Zoom exhaustion, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed. But, maybe we’ve lost sight of it. Or we’re still trying to figure out how to establish it now.

Connection. Deep, meaningful connections with each other. Stop marketing. Stop selling. Stop delighting. Stop and connect. 

Everyone wants to be seen and heard and recognized. So listen and celebrate them. Have a conversation about them.

Slow down, take a deep breath, and show up to witness other people’s achievements and struggles. 

We’ll keep challenging ourselves to connect more deeply with you.



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