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information-driven cx drives revenue growth.

Customer Experience

About Customer Experience

Today’s B2B buyers are increasingly comfortable using end-to-end digital processes to research, evaluate, and select products and services.

They expect the same kind of helpful information, personalization, and customer service as they get from B2C platforms that dominate their personal lives.

As a consequence, using data, online platforms, and the latest technology to attract, engage, and delight your customers is no longer optional.  It’s table stakes.

Customer Experience


Strategic Piece Foundations Components
  • Define your end-to-end process
  • Establish single system of record (CRM)
  • Define goals, targets, metrics
  • Implement internal service level agreements
  • Set up reporting and dashboards
  • Implement customer surveys


Strategic Piece Foundations Deliverables
  • Documented CX processes
  • Fit-for-purpose CRM implementation
  • Performance measurement and dashboards
  • Customer satisfaction measurement


Signs You Need To Work on Your Customer Experience

SP Orange Warning-Computer_240px
  • Points of friction arise when your marketing, sales, and service teams interact with the same prospect or customer
  • Your customer-facing teams work in silos rather than together to achieve a common overarching goal
  • Your teams use different systems
  • You're not capturing and analyzing customer experience data


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