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Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Strategy

About Marketing Strategy

Many teams at B2B companies find themselves disappointed by mediocre website traffic, too few inbound leads, and questionable return on their marketing investment. 

And, people end up feeling stuck.

How long do you stick with a marketing strategy before deciding whether it is working?

Building an effective marketing strategy requires selecting the mix of tactics and channels that are best suited to attracting and engaging your prospective buyers.

Executing that marketing strategy requires investing the time and money needed to generate your desired results.



Strategic Piece Foundations Components
  • Define objectives linked to corporate goals
  • Create high-level marketing strategy
  • Select tactics and channels, and build a 6-month plan
  • Identify enabling/scaling technology
  • Establish roles and service level agreements
  • Create content calendar and establish publication cadence
  • Set up analytics, dashboards, and reporting


Strategic Piece Foundations Deliverables
  • Clear strategy and plan for success
  • Defined roles, targets, and expectations
  • Rolling content calendar and editorial process
  • Performance management and analysis


Signs You Need To Work on Marketing

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  • You feel stuck
  • You're disappointed by your marketing results
  • You don't know what your marketing results are
  • You're unsure where to spend your marketing budget
  • Your marketing plan consists of your team doing "all of the things"
  • Your content generation and distribution is erratic and irregular


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