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Customer Understanding

Who to target, where, with what, & how.

Customer Understanding

About Customer Understanding

Your business needs to know how and where to find potential buyers for your solution, how to establish relationships with them and help them make an informed decision, and how to create a frictionless experience so that customers stay with your solution and recommend you to others.

Deciding who to target, where, with what, and how requires detailed analysis and a coordinated approach by your customer-facing team.



Strategic Piece Foundations Components
  • Identifying uniques/differentiators
  • Clarifying value propositions
  • Identifying target customer
  • Defining Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
  • Identifying the Buying Committee
  • Defining Buyer Personas
  • Creating Customer Journey Maps
  • Crafting a high-level marketing strategy


Strategic Piece Foundations Deliverables
  • Statement of value propositions
  • Definitions of ICP and Buyer Personas
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • High-level marketing strategy

Signs You Need To Work on Customer Understanding

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  • Your marketing and sales feel stuck
  • You're not sure how and where to find potential buyers
  • There is a lot of tension between your marketing and sales teams
  • Your customer-facing interactions aren't coordinated or consistent
  • Your tactics are based on "what you should do" and your internal processes rather than what matters to the customer


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