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Tech Stack

About technology

Your goal is to select and implement a combination of software tools that enables greater productivity, effectiveness, and scalability.

Our goal is always to delight the end users by providing them with tools they want to use, that help them do their jobs more easily, and that make them more successful.

To do this, software has to be configured, fed data, and used correctly, and the results have to show up somewhere in the correct format to make a difference.



Strategic Piece Foundations Components
  • Define objectives
  • Define data structure and data flows
  • Assess, demo, select, and license tools
  • Configure tools
  • Organize, clean, and migrate data
  • Create workflows and dashboards
  • Onboard, train, and support users


Strategic Piece Foundations Deliverables
  • Optimized tech stack with selection rationale
  • Tech stack blueprint showing  how it is configured
  • Initial implementation and setup
  • Initial user training and familiarization


Signs You Need To Work on Technology

SP Orange Warning-Computer_240px
  • Your employees are overwhelmed and/or demotivated by repeat data entry and wasting time on repetitive tasks
  • Each team is wrangling with different data sets
  • Your team is reluctant to use the tools you already have in place
  • You don't know what software your company has licensed, who has access, and how much it costs
  • Your company has to kludge workarounds and fixes to your tech stack to make it do what you need


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