Election Day 2020

by Melanie, on 3 Nov 2020

Today is finally the day. Today is election day in the US. This year, it hasn't just been COVID throwing a wrench into marketing. We've seen the election drive up cost of ads and distract customers – regardless of opinions.

Everyone we've spoken with in the past month has been asking us to predict how soon "things will go back to normal." Not because of the global pandemic, but because of the election. The short answer is: nobody, including us, knows.

We believe that having clarity and direction will be beneficial to business and to our mental wellbeing. With all of the tension that we've been living with and how divided people feel, we're surely about to witness an emotional outcome. Hopefully today but, let's be honest, it could take much longer.

Hopefully emotions will not lead to physical conflict. Hopefully we won't have to endure a long-litigated election result. Please keep in mind that people's emotions will affect their ability to think about your solution. Be kind to your customers and your colleagues.

If you can vote and have not yet done so, we encourage you to vote today. Participate and have a voice. This is important.

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