A Videographer's Take on Video Strategy

by Matt, on 22 Jun 2021

For the next edition in our series of interviews with specialist service providers relevant to our B2B audience, Matt spoke with Kyle Miller.

Kyle is the Creative Director at Timber Reel Productions, a strategy and production company he founded in 2014 with the goal of changing the approach small businesses take to photo and video content.

In this video, we talk about:

  • How businesses should take their first steps toward developing and implementing an impactful video strategy
  • What makes compelling video content and how it changes between different formats and distribution channels
  • Which companies are currently producing killer video content?
  • The process of preparing for a video shoot and what the shoot day itself looks like
  • When to script the video and when it’s better to go off-script
  • Where to shoot your video and what type of content to include
  • The value added in post-production, including music and closed captions
  • Important take-aways that every business planning to produce video content should take into consideration

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You can connect with Kyle at:

LinkedIn: Kyle Miller | Timber Reel Productions


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