Copywriting Samples for Your Inspiration

by Melanie, on 12 Oct 2021

Marketers say that if you choose a career in this field, beware... it's impossible to turn your marketing brain off. When you watch TV, you critique the ads. When you see a sign for something, you think about fonts, colors, and graphics. You ask yourself what impression is it making and what went into making it?

This can be super annoying to the people with whom we share our day-to-day lives - and even to ourselves - but it is valuable. 

You can find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. You can stay on top of trends. You learn to appreciate the nuanced difference between seemingly identical graphics, fonts, or colors.

Recently, I've found myself appreciating and noticing copywriting so I decided to share some examples for your inspiration.

It's important to realize that, no matter what your industry and no matter how technical your audience, you can and should use strong copy.

It might be fun, it might be irreverent, or it might be serious. The key is to be intentional, deliberate, and careful.

Don't rush it. Make your copy compelling and memorable.

Examples That Caught My Eye

On the menu at Dishoom, a London restaurant.


On a hiking trail in Montana. 

Copywriting Example

At an airport.

Canada Marketing

In our inbox. Hello, Zombie Riesling. 🧟‍♀️

If you're inspired by any or all of these, take one piece of copy – maybe from your website, maybe in an email - and just tackle that one.

Spruce it up. Make it more engaging. Think about the voice of your company and whether it comes through or not.

Whether a piece of content actually sounds like you is a powerful litmus test. Your prospects and customers will appreciate the consistency that happens when everything – your website, your people, your emails – sounds like it comes from a single voice.

Happy writing (or editing)!


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