HubSpot Updates Rolled Out in July 2021

by Melanie, on 27 Jul 2021

Earlier this month, HubSpot gave its employees around the world a "week of rest."

While this aggravated some people, we fully support companies that afford their employees time to really down tools and recharge – especially when it's planned and customers are given advance notice.

As a result, you might notice that our list of HubSpot product updates is a little shorter this month.

Something to put on your calendar is HubSpot's World Certification Week from August 2 - 6. For each certification completed that week, HubSpot will donate $5 and they've committed to donating up to $35,000 that week. If you want to join the fun (and we encourage you to participate), simply make sure you have an account with HubSpot Academy and then pick the course of your choice.

I'm planning to do some training specifically for HubSpot Partners, followed by something on digital marketing or SEO. There are so many great certifications to choose from! Leave a comment below about which one you plan to tackle.

On to this month's updates...



Notifications your way. (And who doesn't want Slack notifications?)

This functionality has been further developed so that you can customize Slack notifications even more from within HubSpot. 

Marketing Hub


For many years, we've seen HubSpot reporting and analytics getting criticized for working better for digital marketing channels and events, but being weak when it comes to in-person events -- such as tracking which contacts were created from a specific conference or tradeshow.

This isn't HubSpot's first improvement that addresses this shortcoming but marketing event data now looks even more promising -- just in time for all the in-person events starting up this fall.



We have benefitted in several ways from HubSpot themes -- a new way for HubSpot developers to share pre-built templates and settings for CMS Hub with us non-developers.

The more HubSpot developers can put into the hands of content creators without that group having to get into the code (or rely on a developer for updates and tweaks), the better.

Style fields add to this creator enablement and will help give webpages and landing pages a more consistent look and feel, as well as enabling more advanced formatting. 

HubSpot Mobile App

call review

HubSpot has been rolling out updates to the mobile app, which is great because many sales teams are planning to hit the road again soon (fingers crossed!).

We're also excited to see HubSpot arming sales leaders with tools they can use to coach reps while not at a computer, including reviewing call logs and providing feedback.

TAsk Manager


It's so easy to end up with to-do lists in several apps, not to mention paper planners, Post-It notes, and scrap pieces of paper. The more your apps talk together, the easier it becomes to manage your tasks in a digital environment.

To that end, you can now sync tasks between HubSpot and your Google or Office 365 calendar. Enjoy managing your workload in your preferred location and style.



We handle the building and management of workflows for most of our clients, which means we regularly need their eyes on what we've set up to make sure it's correct.

But workflows frequently involve complex sets of rules and logic with multiple branches, so when you're invited in cold to take a look, it's hard to follow and navigate.

Mini-maps are HubSpot's answer to this problem. 


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