Full of Thanks

by Melanie, on 24 Nov 2020

Matt and I started working under the Strategic Piece name on January 1st this year. We've talked to many business owners who launched in 2020 and it's been an interesting year to lead a business – big or small. Luckily, we were already accustomed to working from home and supporting our clients remotely – although we still miss coffee meetings and seeing people in person.

We are so grateful for the many people who have supported us throughout this year. Since it is Thanksgiving week, we want to pause for a moment and express our gratitude.

Whether this is the first time you've read something by Strategic Piece or you read our blogs every week, thank you for your time. We know your attention is pulled in hundreds of different directions and we appreciate that you choose to spend some of it with us.

We have worked with a fantastic portfolio of clients this year. Thank you for continuing to trust us as your strategy, marketing, and customer experience partner – especially when no one was sure what the pandemic or election would mean for business and we had to react in real time.

Our advisory board, the Strategic Piece Keepers, have provided us with solid advice and guidance throughout 2020. They have supported and challenged us whenever we needed outside perspectives on everything from business strategy to website messaging.

We have invited a number of experts to share their perspective with our growing audience:

Two partners have also proven invaluable:

Kyle Miller with Timber Reel Productions, with whom we work on video content. We hope that we can bring you more challenging projects next year so you can show off your talent that greatly exceeds our basic video needs!

Barrett King is our go-to resource at HubSpot. He has supported many of our clients in getting the right software stack for their sales and marketing initiatives. He has become an awesome resource for us as we plug more and more into the HubSpot ecosystem.

We also want to say a big THANK YOU to our marketing coordinator, Lina Panahi. Lina started working with us in March, and has had to navigate our shifting needs throughout the year. She has helped us stay on track with our content and to provide value for our client projects.

Finally, I want to add a couple of personal thank yous:

I cannot say enough how much I appreciate the amazing people at Rice University and Lilie. Every alum I've spoken with has said how much they/we appreciate all that you do to support alumni-run businesses. I'm also so glad that you ran a virtual OwlSpark/RED Labs program this summer and invited me as a speaker! This fall, I joined one of the Rice Alumni Entrepreneurs & Innovators Roundtables, and am loving it.

I'm also very grateful for you, Matt. I appreciate everything you do for Strategic Piece, for continuing to believe that we will be a successful business, and for the emotional support you provide as my husband.

On that cheesy note, we wish all of you who are celebrating a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!


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