Improving the Customer Experience in Solar

by Melanie, on 8 Dec 2020

In this latest video, I sat down with Scott Nguyen, Co-Founder & CEO of 17Terawatts, whose mission is to be the leader in solar customer experience. 17Terawatts’ platform, Bodhi automates communication and personalizes the homeowners’ experience, so that installers can focus on what they do best – executing projects, making more sales, and transforming communities around energy.
In this conversation, Scott and I talk about:
  • Intro about 17Terawatts and how Bodhi came to be
  • How Scott defines customer experience and how it has evolved at his company
  • Whether customer experience driven by company leadership or elsewhere
  • Suggestions on how to start improving your customer experience and goals to set
  • If the increasing prevalence of climate change & the energy transition mean consumers want to take a more active role in their energy consumption
  • Which companies he believes manage customer experience well

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You can connect with Scott here:

Topics:Customer Experience